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Kaizen Rhino Solutions and your small business


Before we interviewed Kaizen Rhino Solutions, we had no idea what a TSP was, other than for the Military. But now that we’ve been introduced to Kaizen Rhino Solutions, we’ve learned so much about things like 401(k) plans and IRAs—and especially TSPs (which stand for Thrift Savings Plans). Luckily, they’re here to help!

You’re not alone.

You are not alone.

There are many small businesses that need help with their TSP and saving for retirement. Kaizen Rhino Solutions is here to help you with your financial planning needs, so you can build a better retirement with us.

Kaizen Rhino Solutions can show you the way to a better retirement.

Kaizen Rhino Solutions is a small business consulting firm that has helped thousands of small businesses grow and thrive, including your small business. Their mission is to help you get your finances in order so that you can focus on growing your business. You will have more time to spend on activities that make money for the company, like working with customers or doing research on new products.

They use a process called Kaizen, which means “continuous improvement.” They work closely with you to identify areas where we can make improvements that save money and grow the business—and get them implemented immediately!

Taking control of your TSP is easier than you think.

Kaizen Rhino Solutions can help you take control of your TSP and get started with a plan that will work for you. We do this by:

  • Conducting an initial assessment to determine the areas of opportunity.
  • Creating a baseline measure of current performance, so you have a starting point from which to improve.
  • Establishing clear goals, steps and milestones for improvement so everyone is on the same page.

At Kaizen Rhino Solutions, they understand how busy small businesses are, which is why they try to make their processes as efficient as possible—but they also understand that there may be times when it’s not possible for you to meet your needs at that time or in person (such as if one of our team members has taken ill). In these cases they’ll call or email with updates as soon as possible; however if there’s an emergency situation outside of their office hours (i.e., an employee has been injured) you can contact an emergency number.

We can walk you through it step-by-step.

At Kaizen Rhino, they can help you set up a TSP account, or help you manage your existing account. They can also help you choose a beneficiary and choose a TSP fund. Finally, they can help you choose how to allocate your TSP funds across the different types of investment options in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

It’s OK not to know everything about your TSP.

It’s OK not to know everything about your TSP. Remember, they’ve been doing this for a while and are here to help. They can help you through the process of learning what you need to know so that you can ask questions along the way.

Ask Kaizen Rhino Solutions or your financial advisor if they have any advice on how best to invest your money while taking advantage of all available investment options within your TSP. You may also want to consult with an employer representative in case there are special provisions at work that could affect how much money goes into which accounts when making contributions each year (e.g., matching funds).

Are you ready to get control of your TSP?

If you’re ready to get control of your TSP, they can help. they’ve served thousands of clients and have a proven track record for delivering results. Their team has the knowledge and expertise to provide customized plans that fit our client’s goals so they can reach their retirement dreams sooner.

If you want to learn more about how Kaizen Rhino can help! Visit them at 

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