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Community and Connection – Taking your business to the next level!

This week’s SmallsCast Podcast featured Beth Ann Taylor, Vice President, Colorado Springs Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  The discussion focused on the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and the EDC, as a key partner in assisting companies grow in the Colorado Springs metro-area, and providing connection to other State-wide support agencies, chambers and EDCs.

The Economic Development Team at the EDC assists in attracting new business to the community, business retention and expansion (BR&E), and assists with data collection and analytics, in support of local, regional, and State-wide economic growth!

While the EDC is focused on “2nd stage firms”, i.e., no longer startups, with approximately 6-99 employees, the EDC welcomes any and all business, and can provide connections to those people, resources, and organizations, necessary to assist businesses in their growth!

A key take-away, during the podcast was the continuing theme of “community and connection”, i.e. how it takes a community and connections to help companies move forward in their development and growth.  This is something both the Chamber and EDC, and The Smalls offer to small businesses and Government Contractors, as they attempt to establish and grow their business.

The Chamber and EDC offer a multitude of events and services, which are open to all members of the community, not just members!  They provide opportunities to network, professional development, promotions, economic opportunities, and zoning information, and assistance understand the economic growth opportunities in Colorado Springs.  Of course, these services are offered across the State, at other Chamber and EDC offices, to include the Women’s, Hispanic, and Black Chambers, as well as the State Office of Economic Development and International Trade.  The Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC can assist you in contacting them, as well.

The Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, and The Smalls provide opportunities to network and connect with people, resources and organizations to help your company grow!  As a small business, you have a number of organizations within the community to assist you, as you navigate the business world, and help you network, collaborate, and grow! All you have to do is reach out – we stand ready to assist you!

The Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC can be reached via their website,, and you can reach The Smalls at, for further information and access to the SmallsCast Podcast!   And don’t forget the local Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).  Information for these and many other organizations can be found at the Smalls website!

If you have questions regarding this Blog, the SmallsCast, or need assistance, please contact us at!

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