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Water’s First Multi-Tool!

This week’s SmallsCast Podcast guest was Justin Guld, People Person, and Co-Founder of   MODL is a Colorado-based company who’s mission is to create “Gear for People”, and developed “water’s first multi-tool”, i.e. the MOD water bottle system.  The idea stemmed from the founding team’s desire to create a multi-use water bottle, which can act as a traditional water bottle, a filtration system, a hydration pack, a shower (yes, a shower!), and even a pillow (the bottle is flexible, collapsible, and easy to clean, with screw on top and bottom).  Not only was the The Smalls team sold on water’s first multi-tool, Justin, the People Person, provided several key lessons, as a new Government Contractor, and an entrepreneur.

The journey of MODL Outdoors begin with an idea, initial prototypes, and a Kick Starter Campaign.  A key takeaway was the amount of time from ideation to creation, which in MODL’s case, lasted about 3 years!  It takes time to develop the idea, the concept, prototype, etc, and to get feedback and gain a following. Successful business growth takes time, and effort!  Keep testing and moving forward!  As Sun Tzu once noted, the journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step!

Justin also spoke about the “blind spots”, while developing the MOD water bottle system.  As new entrepreneurs, the team simply didn’t know, what they didn’t know!  Luckily, there are people and organizations out there, who are willing to provide assistance, and support.  Making use of mentors, and support organizations is critical to growth and success. 

Finally, another key area of growth for the MODL team was the use of digital marketing.  Since MODL uses a direct to customer (D2C) model, the MODL team needed to learn how to promote their product using websites, digital ads, etc.  While the team is still learning, they are now expanding to multi-channel digital marketing, and hoping to “spread the word!”

As an emerging small Government Contractor, The Smalls is a proud supporter of MODL Outdoors!  We support their product and the love of the great outdoors!  If you’d like to check out their products, visit! (Tell them The Smalls sent you!)  You can also find out more about MODL, or links to MODL Outdoors via The Smalls website,!

As always, if you have questions, or are looking for assistance to help move your Government Contractor company forward, or would like to start working with the Government, visit, and begin your journey!

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