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Need for a Tribe and Purpose!

This past week’s SmallsCast Podcast, we interviewed Mr. Otis McGregor, Principle and Leadership Coach at Tribe and Purpose! Listen to the SmallsCast at!

Otis is a veteran, and focused on helping veteran’s in finding their support network and purpose, both in life and business.  He hosts a Veteran’s Business Leader Mastermind, and facilitates personal and group sessions.

The central theme of his message, was one that resonates with The Smalls, i.e. the need to have an intentional support infrastructure, and defining your purpose (corporately and personally), as you decide how to proceed with your business. 

His Mastermind groups are facilitated meetings, but provide an opportunity to discuss issues affecting businesses and business leaders.  The format of the meetings is to 1) celebrate success, 2) discuss blocks or obstacles, 3) presentation of a problem or idea, 4) brainstorming solutions, and 5) applying solutions or what was discovered.   This process can also be applied to business leader teams, as you assess your business on a daily basis, or during strategy meetings or annual plan development.

Key to business success is the ability of business leaders to identify and engage with the support community, i.e. the people, resources, and organizations that can help in growing your company.  Like Tribe and Purpose, The Smalls exists to help business owners to network, collaborate, and grow.  We do this through connecting the Government Contractor Ecosystem with the people, resources, and organizations available to help companies thrive!

There are many support elements in our cities, states, and regions.  Don’t shy away from reaching out and finding your tribe and resources available to you (many at no cost to you!)!  There are a large number of support organizations, who want nothing more, but to see businesses succeed!  So reach out, and let us help you grow!

If you’re interested in learning more about Tribe and Purpose, or The Smalls, visit!

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