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the smalls podcast

The Smallscast Podcast

This weekly podcast is designed for Small Government Contractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers, as part of the Government Contractor Ecosystem, connecting people, organizations, and resources. 


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The Start of Something New

We had to scramble and put something together in order to start producing our podcasts as the studios we were going to use are shut down due to COVID-19.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

The Smalls Colorado Springs
Notice the rubber bands holding my mic! Podcasting Rule #1:  Just produce something.
The Smalls Colorado Springs
We have upgraded to brand new equipment, thanks to our sponsors CHFA and Pueblo Plex.

The Smalls Colorado Springs
Remember that time when your Boss and Admin made fun of you while trying to record?
The Smalls Colorado Springs

Discover New Opportunities

We want to talk to you, so if you want to be a headliner on one of our podcast episodes, don’t hesitate to reach out.