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Your Video is Your Brand

Back in the mid-90’s we had a saying in the video business, “Content is King”.

As an independent video production company, we had to work harder at story development.  Broadcast video did rule the day.  Cameras and non-linear editors cost a lot.  (Our first 18-gigabyte RAID hard drive cost us $11,000 … yeah.)

Today, we are all content creators.  And while accessibility and proficiency has increased dramatically for video production, one thing has not changed … the necessity for a good story, well told.

The pandemic has greatly affected our need and use, for video.  According to a recent study[1]:  Since 2020, we now watch an average of 18 hours of online video per week.  (An increase of 7.5 hours over the last three years.) They also say that “Video oversaturation is a challenge but not insurmountable.  You simply need to raise the bar in terms of content quality.  Your video needs to be well-planned, and very well-executed.”

With the overwhelming sea of video content out there, how do you rise above the noise and stand out from your competition?  By hiring a professional video production company that understands the importance of good story telling with a demonstrated understanding of the technical mechanics of what makes a good video. 

But what do we mean when we say, “content quality”?  How does your video sound?  What are your graphic assets?  Are they weaving in the best, most meaningful sound bites from your interviews?  And finally, does it accurately represent your branding?

Another line I still like to use for video is, “Timing is everything.”

People are busy.  If they have time to even watch your video (with the sound turned off), you want to share key information, only.  You have less than 10-seconds to hook your audience.  People also know quality when they see it.  Your promotional video products should encourage people to want to dig deeper and know more.  

Here’s some more stats I really like:

  1. 84% say video is effective for generating leads.
  2. 91% feel that the pandemic has made video even more important for brands.

Those stats remind me of one last line from my early script writing days, “Now more than ever …”

I smile at that because it is a little cliché – but it is still true.  The pandemic is making us even more reliant on video.  

If you are already using video, you know how important it is to your marketing strategy.  If not, then you are potentially in this next  group:

A year before the pandemic it was reported that,“69% of non-video marketers say they expect to start using video as a marketing tool in 2020.”

If you and your organization are represented by this last statistic, (or you have been unhappy with past results) Elite Media Group can help you navigate the intimidating, subjective, often expensive world of custom, professional video production.

We look forward to sharing our next post:  Maximizing Your Video Media Collateral

In closing, EMG would like to express our sincere gratitude to Nate Moser, Dennis Kater, Karri Palmetier and everyone at The Smalls for this opportunity.


Shauna Prete, President & CEO
Elite Media Group, Inc.

[1] Source:  wyzowl

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