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The Smalls

Connecting The

Colorado Government

Contractor Ecosystem

We are a nonprofit consortium of Government Contractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers in Colorado.  We provide opportunities to Network, Collaborate, and Grow!

Creating Collaboration

Creating a collaborative community in support of  Small Government Contractors, Subcontractors, and Service Providers.

Strengthening Opportunities

Strengthening the Rocky Mountain Region Supply Chain through identification of opportunities and connections

Providing Education

Providing information and educational forums regarding regulatory and policy changes.

the smalls podcast

The Smallscast Podcast

This weekly podcast is designed for Small Government Contractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers, as part of the Government Contractor Ecosystem, connecting people, organizations, and resources. 

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Pueblo Smalls Chapter

Our Goal

We aim to connect people, organizations, and resources in an interactive ecosystem. We strive to be the hub for Small Government Contractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region, and assist them in providing information, identifying opportunities and winning government contracts!


We host actual and virtual monthly, quarterly, and annual events in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  Meetings are open to both small and large Government Contractors, Subcontractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers.


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dennis kater the smalls

Dennis Kater


Program Director
Colorado Springs, CO

Nate Moser


Sr. Business Intelligence Technology Scout
Quantum Research International
Pueblo West, CO